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We will be glad to meet both existing and new partners and customers!Our dispensers and garden markers are available at Lee Valley Tools stores in Canada, ,quicksearch codes BL271 and EA236. We are open for cooperation on distribution and retail sales of our products
Oil/Gasoline MIXMETRIX dispenser
The Mixmetrix Oil/Gasoline Dispenser is addressed to owners of gasoline-powered tools, outboard boat engines, auto/motor vehicles and any other equipment based on two-stroke engines. With the Mixmetrix Dispenser preparing the right fuel mix for your “helper” is no longer a problem. Each time you can prepare as much fuel as you need and observe the oil/gasoline ratio as recommended by the manufacturer. Dispenser usage is clearly shown in the video instructions provided, and also a short flash demo is available in the "MMX oil/gasoline flash" directory for those who have limited time. Engines are normally supplied with a screwdriver as part of their accessories (for those advanced and smart users who are able to determine the rpm value by listening to the running engine), a spark plug wrench to replace plugs once in two years, a user's manual in 5 languages with a comprehensive list of service centers in every part of the world, including Atlantis. And a single line in the manual and a single name plate on the engine reveal details of the oil-gasoline mixing procedure, which is actually applied throughout the entire service life of the engine. The Dispenser removes any form of ambiguity.
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