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We will be glad to meet both existing and new partners and customers!Our dispensers and garden markers are available at Lee Valley Tools stores in Canada, ,quicksearch codes BL271 and EA236. We are open for cooperation on distribution and retail sales of our products
Seed packet plant marker
The new way to mark your Seed sowings. Waterproof seed packet markers keeps the growing information on the seed packet dry even outdoors. Simple to use inside with seed trays, in the greenhouse or outside.

The Mixmetrix Gin & Tonic will help you to mix a genuine tonic (different from that in can) to your taste and alcohol content, and to surprise your friends. Bring colours to our life – use new type of Plant Markers and Mixmetrix Flora helps to correctly use the plant care products.  We are looking for agents and distributors in North America to distribute our products. We are ready to pay for reselling and agent services. If you are interested in becoming our partner (distributor, agent or reseller) you can make a request or contact us by phone or e-mail. Our representative will contact you as soon as possible in order to discuss the details of our potential partnership.

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