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This area of the site provides information about the MIXMETRIX Dispenser, a tool that provides an easy and smart solution to routine problems in determining the volume, weight, or concentration required when creating the dosage for various products. No more eyeballing or estimating!


With this Dispenser there is no need to make any mathematical calculations, look up values in complicated reference tables, or rack your brain just to measure out whatever you need.

For those who prefer not to bother themselves with how things work, it's easy enough to follow the simple instructions and consider MIXMETRIX a magic trick. Those interested in technical details can check the "Study Guide" section, where the tool's basic operation principles are described.


We have presented here, in separate sections, a number of possible applications for MIXMETRIX. But we believe that these cover only part of the tool's wide range of applications, and we look forward to your sharing with us some of the ways that you think up to apply the Dispenser, either for some specific purpose or general use.

When developing the cylinder cup, we found that in most cases people need to measure out volumes in the range of 1/3 fl oz to 1 pint (16 fl oz) in order to dilute concentrates, create mixtures, or introducing various additives to base solutions. Thus the MIXMETRIX's cylindrical cup is designed with a unique bottom surface that allows for the accurate handling of any volume up to 1 pint with the requisite accuracy.


The Dispenser works particularly well in determining volumes for diluting concentrates (additives, ingredients, components, etc.), and because the prices of concentrated goods are "concentrated" as well, you save money each time you use it.

In technical work, the excess/lack of a concentrate or liquid component can result in equipment failure, can degrade the quality of your final product, and sometimes requires one to repeat work over again.  It can also shorten the equipment's life-span, and cause environmental pollution.


We can only thank the manufacturers of equipment utilizing two-stroke gasoline engines, which provide the widest possible range of recommended oil/gasoline ratio values, and which has simply forced us to invent this device.

The MIXMETRIX Dispenser is patented in the United States, Europe, Russia, and in other countries, and is a registered trade mark.


With kind regards, Dmitry Aleshkin and Sergey Rubalsky.


Many sections of this site include short video clips to help you understand the capabilities of the MIXMETRIX Dispenser's various fields of application.


The abbreviation "ММХ," a short form of "MIXMETRIX", is often found in section headings throughout the site.


With the help of the MIXMETRIX Dispenser, you can do the following :


Determine the volume of an additive based on the additive/basic product quantitative ratio.

Determine the volume of an additive based on the additive/basic product percentage.

Determine the volume of an additive based on its specific gravity.

Determine the volume of a product based on some targeted weight and taking into account the specific density of the product.

Divide up a product based on recommended dosage.

Dilute the concentration of an original solution.

Determine the volume of a product depending on the concentration of an active ingredient.

Determine the volume of product ingredients depending on their percentage values in the product.


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